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June 21, 2013
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Chapter 1: Rigby's realization

A small twang hit Rigby's ears making the small raccoon stir in his clothes, sitting up and looking over to the alarm clock on Mordecai's bed stand. It said 3:00Am , it was too early for it to be going off, then what could the noise have been? The raccoon got off of the bed and walked over towards Mordecai's bed. He let his eyes wander over the blue avian's feathers, he reached out. His hand stopped mid movement as he heard another twang. His ears twitched towards the noise and small glow. It was Mordecai's cell phone going off. W-Why is his phone going off this early? Who could it be? Rigby thought to himself his eagerness and curiosity getting overwhelming. He walked over towards the phone and picked it up in his furry paws looking at the glowing screen. It still had the background he had put on it when Mordecai accidentally butt dialed Margaret. He let out a small chuckle before rubbing his eyes and looking at the phone. The name Margaret lit up the screen; he looked over towards Mordecai and could hear his heavy breathing, something he did when he slept. He grinned and opened up the message reading it to himself.

Hey Mordecai, I know its early and all, but do you want to do something tomorrow night?
Rigby closed the message a frustrated sigh escaping from his mouth before he placed the phone back where he found it.

What would she want to do with Mordecai?! Rigby stomped back towards his trampoline not caring if he woke Mordecai or not. Of course his soft pattering on the floor didn't wake the heavily dazed Avian. The fluffy Raccoon sat back down on his trampoline a small squeak coming from it. He crossed his arms and sat staring at the blue jay across the room. He didn't want his best friend to leave and go with Margaret she was such a user and such a jerk. She treated Mordecai like a ghost until she wanted something, he couldn't believe that Mordecai still liked her. He laid back onto the clothes and placed them over top of his small body. W-Why can't he just like me?  His thoughts made a small whimper escape his lips. Within moments after his whimper the sound of stirring came from Mordecai's bed.

Mordecai rose from his bed stretching and looking over towards Rigby's bed, the sound of the whimper had woken him up. He moved his feathers over his eyes and rubbed trying to make it so he could see. The sound of Rigby upset bothered Mordecai, he was his little brother to say the least, he worried about the little raccoon, even if he did treat him like a jerk sometimes. He lifted the blankets off of him and put his feet onto the ground standing and walking towards Rigby's bed. Poor guy must be having nightmares again... He looked down to see Rigby was lying funny on his trampoline. He shook his head and picked the raccoon up placing him in the middle of the trampoline and covering him. He let out a soft content sigh and turned away from Rigby heading back to his bed. As Rigby was placed down he couldn't help but blush, did Mordecai do this on a regular basis?

D-does… He love me?  His thoughts made his brown furred cheeks flush. He peeked out from behind his clothes watching as Mordecai got back into his bed and under the covers. He was facing away from Rigby's bed, making it so Rigby could stare without having to fear being caught, even though he was in a pitch black room. He leaned his head back against some clothes and closed his eyes. Me and Mordecai… hah if only, he loves that dang Robin...  He grabbed a couple things of clothes and held them close to him hugging them. He wrapped his tail around the clothing in his arm and started to fall asleep. His eyes felt heavier and heavier before he was out.

The sound of the alarm going off shattered the pure silence in the room, Mordecai shot straight up out of the bed and looked over towards the alarm clock. He yawned and moved his feathered hand over to the snooze button pressing hard down on it and shutting it off. He yawned once more and let out a sleepy moan. His eyes then landed on the small Raccoon cuddling a few articles of clothing and drooling on them. He shook his head and laughed before looking out the window towards the sun. It was about 7am and the two needed to get around for their day of work. "Rigby, hey Rigby wake up." He didn't speak too loud incase Pops was still asleep or something. His eyes continued to glance over the room, the light coming through the room and illuminating it brightly.

A small muffled groan came from the trampoline as Rigby rolled in the clothes to look towards Mordecai giving him the stink eye before letting out a cute yawn. "Dude.. ugh.. why.." He said lazily pushing off some of the clothes off of his chest. He felt that his chin was a little wet and blushed brushing it off with his right arm and looking away from Mordecai who just chuckled at him. Ahh, seriously, I had been drooling in my sleep? Rigby never drooled in his sleep, or not that he could really remember. Why did they have to get up and go work? The raccoon really didn't want to work, he just wanted to lie in bed all day and dream about Mordecai. His eyes still rested on the blue-jay who was stretching some to wake up, this was like eye candy to Rigby.

"Come on Rigby we got to get something to eat and then get our chores for the day. Let's go dude." He said before getting up off of his bed, the small Raccoon got out of the bed and let out an annoyed groan walking over towards Mordecai. Mordecai shook his head and laughed. "You are so lazy Rigby." He walked over towards the door and opened it. The handle was a bit chilled; it was never really warm inside of the park house. It seemed like some days the wind blew right through it. Mordecai continued to hold the door open his eyes looking down at the top of Rigby's head as he walked by him.

"You are so lazy Rigby.." Rigby mocked as he walked past the blue jay and out of the door. Once in the hallway Rigby could smell something cooking and grinned.

"Foooood." He said happily before looking back towards Mordecai. The blue jay just smiled and walked down the stairs past Rigby. why in the world is he in such a good mood? Did he check his phone or something? He the realized if Mordecai had checked the phone Rigby would totally be screwed, Mordecai hated it when Rigby went through his messages on his phone. He just hoped that Mordecai hadn't already checked the phone, but if he did wouldn't he be in a bad mood? "I'll catch up with you in a second." Rigby smiled, before he ran back into their room and hoped Mordecai wouldn't come back up looking for him for a little bit. He looked around the room then back at the door closing it and locking it momentarily. He didn't want no one to see what he was about to do. He grabbed the phone from near Mordecai's bed and looked around the room once more. Where to put it? Where to put it?! His eyes scanned their room until he saw a small box in their closet. Who knows what was already in the box. He couldn't really see any other spots where he could put the phone so this would have to be it. He went over to the box and opened it; a small bug left the box scared of Rigby. Rigby let out a startled gasp as it crawled over his hand; he covered his mouth with his other hand to muffle it not wanting to make any noise. He then put the phone inside of the box and put a few other random things on it. He expected the new objects on top of the cell phone would keep it hidden. "Hah, now Mordecai won't know." He said to himself proud that he found a way to get himself out of trouble with Mordecai. He stood up proud and then glanced back to the door, he knew Mordecai would probably be wondering where the little Raccoon had gotten too. At least this solves two problems at once, Mordecai won't know Margaret wants to hang with him tonight, and secondly, he won't get mad I looked. He could hardly contain his joy as he thought his plan was brilliant. He moved to the door and opened it turning towards the stairs seeing Mordecai heading back up them and staring right into the Raccoons eyes.

"Dude, What are you doing, you're taking forever." The blue jay was already sure they were going to be in trouble now with how long the raccoon had taken, he let out an aggravated sigh before the Raccoon ran down beside him smiling and looking innocent. He is lucky I'm in a good mood today, heh, wouldn't think seeing him being so cute would do something like that to me. He thought to himself, before he got slightly disgusted, did he just think Rigby was cute? He blushed a light peach and looked away from Rigby, that wasn't something he should think. He shook his head following Rigby down the stairs and into the kitchen; it was a pretty long walk when they were both silent. Once in the kitchen, Mordecai smiled being that he had already poured the two bowls of cereal. Rigby jumped onto one of the chairs and started shoveling in cereal. "Dude, slow down you're gonna choke!" Mordecai rolled his eyes; the little raccoon was a little child. He looked towards the stairs and then back towards Rigby, he wondered what the raccoon was doing. "You still haven't told me what you were doing." Mordecai started to eat his cereal, his blue eyes staring into the raccoons.

"Uhhh, I had to use the restroom dude, God you're nosy." He said a small blush forming on his face, even if it wasn't true, it still was a little awkward to say. He started to shovel more cereal into his mouth. He had already forgotten that Mordecai had caught him leaving their room, so of course the blue jay would catch on to him lying. He glanced back up from his cereal seeing that Mordecai's brow was raised in a very suspicious way. He shivered some, maybe Mordecai had caught on that he was lying. His gaze went back to his cereal as he continued to eat it, feeling like he was under the lens of a magnifying glass, he was just praying Mordecai wouldn't catch on to his lie. well; maybe if he catches on I can make up another lie to cover my rear. Rigby started to think up another story in case Mordecai had caught on.

Mordecai raised an eyebrow, he had seen Rigby leave their room, and he hoped that the small Raccoon hadn't used their room as a bathroom. Mordecai took another bite of his cereal as he started to think what Rigby would have to lie about, especially something that had to do with their room. why does he even think he needs to lie?  Mordecai thought they were bros and bros don't lie to each other. Even though Rigby could be lying, the only things that came to mind that the raccoon could have been doing were pretty inappropriate things. Even if the answer was a weird one he still wanted to have the truth out of the fluff ball. "Dude, I caught you leaving our room, I do hope you weren't going to the bathroom in our room." Mordecai took another spoonful of his cereal knowing that he now put Rigby on the spot. He could even sense the nervousness coming off of the raccoon.

Rigby gritted his teeth, so he had been caught in his lie, but he had thankfully already thought up another lie. "W-Well, let's just say I was ham boning." Rigby blushed to make it seem like it was the truth, also because it was embarrassing to say. The raccoon took another bite from his cereal bowl starting to get closer to finishing; he was trying to rush, not wanting them to get in trouble. Knowing well that Mordecai would get mad if they did get into trouble. The blue jay didn't seem like he was too suspicious of what Rigby said, of course this made the raccoon feel a little perturbed, and being it was so easy for Mordecai to think he was a pervert.

Mordecai grinned; well at least the raccoon was lying for a good reason, that wasn't exactly something people normally talked about. Mordecai laughed a little to himself the blush forming on Rigby's face making it all the better. It must have been the truth this time. Mordecai stopped laughing as he took another bite from his cereal, he couldn't believe Rigby had done it so fast, but hey it wasn't none of his concern. "Well, I guess it was a good reason to lie. That is a wee bit awkward." Mordecai looked at the clock; it was getting closer to the time where they had to go out and get to work. The blue-jay sighed taking another spoonful to his mouth, looking towards the threshold between the kitchen and living room as he heard footsteps heading their way.

"Where are you slackers?! Oh, there you two are the chore assignments are in ten minutes hurry up!" Benson glared down at Mordecai and Rigby his eyes seeming to pierce their souls. The two were almost late to the meeting and that wasn't something he was going to allow to happen for the millionth time. Benson's face wasn't red, but it wasn't the normal calm color he normally wore. "You guys better get outside for assignments quick or you're fired!" Benson yelled this as he waited for the two to give him an answer. Mordecai and Rigby both look at Benson and shook their heads speaking at the same time.

"Sure thing Benson." Benson looked between the two before turning and leaving the kitchen, leaving the two boys alone to their cereal. Mordecai looked back towards Rigby and raised his feathered hand in the air. "You're lucky we aren't late Rigby!" He said before continuing to eat his cereal. They were practically done but they still had some cereal to finish. The two took a few minutes to finish, shoveling each and every bit of cereal into their mouths. Rigby sighed and finished his cereal taking it to the sink and placing the bowl in it. Well he tried anyways as Mordecai walked over grabbing it from the short raccoon and placing the bowl into the sink for him. Mordecai almost always did this for the raccoon being he wasn't able to do it himself for the most part.

"Thanks dude." Rigby smiled up at Mordecai who looked a little annoyed. The raccoon mentally shivered, it was scary when Mordecai wasn't extremely happy with him. Though it could always be worse, the blue-jay could have realized he had hidden the phone away from him. Rigby smiled some at that thought before he was brought back into reality by Mordecai's voice.

"Dude lets just get outside." The blue jay turned away as he finished speaking and headed through the living room to the door to the outside. As he opened the door there was no sight of any of the crew, they seemed to all have just up and disappeared… "Didn't Benson say assignments in ten?" Mordecai asked looking back towards Rigby. The small fuzz ball just shrugged his shoulders. The two looked around the park or at-least what they could see from the porch. Odd it seemed like only moments ago Benson had left to go outside and get the meeting ready to start.

Rigby glanced up at Mordecai and then back towards the park. "Well, if they aren't out here we can at least do something fun until Benson comes in and busts his crank right?" The raccoon was glad that it seemed like they might have somehow gotten out of doing chores already, it was a pretty nice feeling not having to work. His eyes continued to look at Mordecai as finally the blue-jay decided that it would be a good idea to just wait around until Benson got a hold of them maybe they all had some kind of important matter to attend to.

"Alright dude, let's go and watch something on T.V. until Benson comes and yells at us, hey it's not our fault we don't know what's going on." Mordecai decided that maybe for a change he would be like Rigby and just shrug off any kind of responsibility, at least until Benson caught them slacking. Mordecai opened the door for Rigby and went inside watching as Rigby darted past him and jumped onto the couch taking up one whole cushion while stretching out. Mordecai shook his head and walked over beside him. He grabbed the remote then fell back onto the couch turning it on. There seemed to be some kind of robot movie on, showing two robots blowing up buildings and cars. "Hey this looks pretty good right?"

Rigby looked at the T.V. rolling onto his side so he could see what was on, before he nodded. "Yeah looks fine." He smiled and cuddled into the couch letting the familiar fabric comfort him. The robot show wasn't awfully interesting but hey it was better than work and Mordecai seemed to like it so he didn't plan on complaining any about it. He looked over at the blue-jay who seemed pretty intent watching the T.V. screen. Rigby wondered if they would ever be sitting on the couch as more than just friends. He grinned and felt a little cocky, he knew they would, they had to. "So, why do you think the crew disappeared Mordecai?" Rigby asked looking towards the window and out into the park.

Mordecai glanced towards the window and then down to the Raccoon. "Honestly, I don't know, it is kind of odd they just up and disappeared." Mordecai's gaze went back to the T.V. as he continued to speak. "Though odder things have happened around here." Mordecai wasn't lying about that though, he was pretty dead on; odd things did happen a lot around there. Mordecai stood up off of the couch and went to the kitchen leaving Rigby on the couch with the T.V. running. He went to the fridge opening it and grabbing two sodas while looking out the back door, it was odd no one was around the park building. Rigby might have been right, something could be going on. He closed the fridge door then walked back out to Rigby who was standing with his face pressed against the window. "Dude, what are you doing?" Mordecai asked this as he placed the two sodas on the table in front of the T.V.

Rigby turned away from the window and looked at the blue-jay. "I was looking for Benson, or Skips. Still wigging me out that they aren't around, you know." The raccoon slowly made his way across the carpeted floor the plush flooring making his steps hardly hear able. He jumped back up onto the couch taking the soda and looking at the T.V. It randomly changed to a news broadcast. It looked like it was actually on the outskirts of the park. The news women started to speak her voice coming in a little dazed and confused like.

"The park seen behind me is supposedly being attacked by robots, as you can see there is no proof of the matter though there have been reports of explosions and lasers throughout the park." The news woman then looks away from the camera and into the park before a laser flies by her and into the camera. The screen then switched back to the main news room as the two anchors spoke about the interruption in the feed and that they would get back to what was going on in a bit.

Mordecai and Rigby glanced between each other than back to the window looking out of it. Maybe it was a fake report there hadn't been any noise. They then thought that Benson would have yelled at them by now had there actually been something going on. Mordecai stood up and walked to the door, then opened it, listening carefully, Rigby ran out and beside him looking out into the park. They both listened to noises of the park before Rigby made a soft grunt.

"Dude, we can probably get a better view from the attic, let's get up there we might be able to see something." Rigby turned back inside motioning for Mordecai to follow him, Mordecai closed the door and started up the stairs each step creaking and making him jump thinking that the stairs were exploding. The two of them hurried up the stairs to the hallway. Rigby looked towards Pops' bedroom and ran past Mordecai who was starting to bring down the stairs to the attic. "Pops, you in there?" Rigby asked softly knocking on the door hearing a slight groan. He must still be sleeping.  the raccoon was glad they didn't have to worry about Pops having been out there in the mess. He then turned to face Mordecai as he heard his name.

"Rigby come on, we don't got all day it's either we know where they are or we go and get surprised." The blue-jay started up the stairs to the attic as the raccoon started towards him. Mordecai glanced around the top-level of the house looking for the window, once he saw the beam of light peering into the room he ran to it glancing out of it and looking onto the park. The trees were blowing in the wind there wasn't too many people on the paths by the looks of it, of course if there really was a robot attack going on there probably wouldn't be an awful lot of people out and about in the park. The avian continued to look out the window. Rigby finally got up the stairs and ran to his side looking out into the park.

The raccoon glanced about the different spots in the park. "Do you see them, anyone or the robots for that matter?" Rigby looked over towards Mordecai for a moment and then back out of the window. He knew that if something actually had happened that the blame would automatically be put on him, and in most cases it would probably be his fault. "So um, I don't think we have nothing to worry about, I mean we can't see anything bad happening from up here anyways, right?" Rigby laughed some, hoping Mordecai would think that maybe the news report had been wrong, and it was all some sort of prank that Muscle Man made the news run. That green-skinned dude had connections everywhere it was possible he had done it.

Mordecai pulled away from the window looking down at Rigby and smiling. "I guess you are ri…" His sentence was interrupted by the piercing sound of metal bits running across concrete. Mordecai looked back out the window seeing smoke and a foot cart explode; bits of the cart had landed on the sidewalk which is what had made the screeching noise. Mordecai looked back down towards Rigby. "Great Rigby what did you do this time." Mordecai asked rolling his eyes. Rigby bit his lip and made an angry noise before pointing his finger at the blue jay.

"Why is everything my fault dude? It wasn't me!" Rigby said crossing his arms and looking back towards where the noise had come from. His eyes looked back up towards Mordecai a slight bit of fear in them. "Do we have to check it out, I mean, come on." Rigby looked back out the window at the smoke before he saw what looked like himself and Mordecai chasing after someone. Rigby groaned, yeah they definitely had to go check it out now, there was no running away from that now. It looked like the group of them was heading to where the snack shack was.

"Yeah dude, we have to go check it out!" Mordecai stood up and away from the window heading to the stairs down from the attic. He turned and looked at the raccoon that was making a sad face at him. Mordecai crossed his arms and rolled his eyes knowing Rigby wanted to get out of doing anything that made him have to work. "Come on Rigby, let's go! Stop being a baby." Mordecai waited for Rigby and heard a small grunt from Rigby as the raccoon started towards him getting ready to head down the stairs.

"Ughhhh… fine!" Rigby complained out as he started down the attic stairs, he really didn't want to investigate the noise what so ever. He was followed down the stairs by Mordecai, as they got in the hallway they heard a frightful sob come from behind them. They both turned to see Pops standing in front of his bedroom door with a blanket over him. "Pops are you okay?" Rigby asked glad that the lollipop man was giving him a chance to actually be inside and not outside with the robots. Maybe he would be asked to stay and comfort pops and Mordecai could go out and solve everything without him.

Pops looked towards Mordecai and Rigby and then nodded. "I-I was just worried what is going on out there?" Pops had been woke up by the explosion, so of course he was worried right off the bat who wouldn't be? The lollipop man moved closer to the two before hearing another loud explosion from outside the house. All three of them jumped startled by the loud noise. Pops made a worried grumble and looked at Rigby and Mordecai for some kind of support or comfort.

"Uh... Nothing's going on Pops just a new kind of party thing for a couple of our guests no need to worry we will handle everything just go back to your room." Mordecai didn't know if his words would be good enough to calm the lollipop man but he hoped that he would go back into his room. Mordecai looked down at Rigby for a moment as the raccoon poked him in the side. "What Rigby?" Mordecai asked rolling his eyes. Most likely some kind of lie was going to leave his mouth. Mordecai was a little bit annoyed at the fact that Rigby could be behind the whole mess. Though at the same time he could be falsely blaming the raccoon.

Rigby glanced between both Pops and Mordecai then grinned. Well at least now he might be able to get his plan out into the open and maybe someone will be able to actually follow it. "Well, maybe one of us should stay with Pops." Rigby said his grin growing as he spoke. He didn't want to go out and be with those robots, what if they shot lasers? He shivered a little bit, looking away from the two hoping that they would agree. The house creaked as silence fell over the group while Mordecai contemplated the idea. He then heard a huff from Mordecai. Rigby's gaze went back to the blue-jay he wondered what the avian had finally decided.

"Rigby you have to come with me, Pops will be fine. Plus if this is your fault you will probably be the only one who can solve it." Mordecai looked towards Pops who was nodding approvingly at the decline of Rigby's idea. Mordecai then looked at Rigby who once again was making a sad face to try to plead with Mordecai to let him out of having to deal with the robots. Mordecai smiled some before looking at Pops. "Heh, we will make sure everything is fine, you just stay in here ok." The blue jay's gaze then went to the raccoon; who was still making a sad face. Mordecai shook his head and then punched Rigby in the arm. Rigby let out a soft grunt and sigh. He knew he wasn't getting out of it now. Mordecai walked to the attic staircase and put it back in the roof, latching it and heading to the stairs. "Come on dude." Mordecai said rolling his eyes, how long would it take for them to get out of the house.

Rigby sighed It sucked he had to go, he waved goodbye to Pops as he left into his room, Then Rigby walked to the stairs slowly creeping down them taking his time; not wanting to get out into the park. As they made their way down the steps there was another explosion not to far off, even Rigby didn't know how the robots were doing it. As the two got to the last step Rigby and Mordecai looked at each other then grabbed the door handle opening it wide. They both gritted their teeth as they stepped out onto the porch. "Ready? Mordecai" Rigby said with a shiver hoping that Mordecai would chicken out now that they were about to leave.

Mordecai shook his head and then looked back at Rigby. "No worries dude, we got this. Let's go!"
This is my first ever fan-fic and first time using this website for a story.. as you could tell by me deleting my last post accidentally. Anyways, I hope you like this I know its not up to par with a lot of the other Morby writers but i'm giving it my best trust me.

Mordecai/Rigby and the rest of the R.S. crew belong to J.G. Quintel

Story belongs to me :iconwyattsrules:

Do enjoy!

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